Few Things You Should Know Before Buying Kratom

We have had relationships with the Kratom plant world for many years. We have been looking at the world of plants as an alternative to big pharm. If you are adding kratom to your wellness routine, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the right product. Kratom may be the choice you’ve been searching for.

Kratom can help you manage stress, add enthusiasm, and inspire your motivation. If been chemical options for boosting your health are a no-go and want to look to the natural realm for a solution, then consider Kratom.


Kratom is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Traditional communities in these areas have used Kratom for hundreds of years to manage the stresses of daily lives, motivate themselves, and inspire feelings of well-being.

Kratom is part of the family of plants that include the coffee tree, and it has an astonishing range of environments in which it likes to grow. It flourishes in both arid and flooded climates, and growers have noted that, when exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight, it can grow with unbridled enthusiasm.

You can purchase Kratom from Tea Time Botanicals in powdered form and add it to your favorite drink, food, or use it as capsules to ingest it more quickly.

Few Things You Should Know Before Buying Kratom

1. Know the Strains

There are three strains of Kratom – green vein, white vein, and red vein – and they all have unique benefits. All strains are made from green-hued Kratom leaf.

The changes in colors come from the drying process. The color change depends on the amount of UV exposure from sunlight or lamps.

Red vein Kratom promotes peace and tranquility and can ease you into a more peaceful state of mind. Red vein Kratom is one of the best types of Kratom. The tree itself is incredibly adaptable and astounds scientists and agriculturalists with its ability to grow both in flood plains and in arid environments.

Red vein Kratom is dried in sunlight or under UV lamps, or it is fermented to get the deep red hue.

Green vein Kratom is middle-of-the-road product that promotes cheerfulness and focus. Some users state its complex taste produces a balanced benefit with its mid-range alkaloid content and potency.

Green Kratom is dried in direct sunlight outside, or under UV lamps. This type of Kratom is brought inside for 1-2 hours during the drying process. The result is a pastel-like green, hinting at the original Kratom leaf’s hue. This type of Kratom promotes a cheerful demeanor, motivation, and alertness.

White vein Kratom is Kratom that has not been exposed to any UV light at all to get the lightest hue of the bunch. This type of Kratom includes many of the qualities of red Kratom, but with an extra added boost. White vein Kratom can inspire your optimism and give you the motivation to get through your busy day.

2. Type of Uses

Most people who are new to the Kratom world have a hard time with the taste. Kratom has a strong, bitter taste when  it is directly chewed or mixed into tea, but users throughout the US have thought of different ways to mask the taste.

  • The traditional way to ingest Kratom is by chewing the leaves or brewing it into tea.
  • You can also add Kratom powder or brewed tea into fruit smoothies or other beverages.
  • The other and final option to ingest Kratom is by making your capsules.

3. Third-Party Testing

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