How Long is Kratom’s Shelf Life?

Natives in Southeast Asia discovered the Benefits of Kratom more than 200 years ago. These people begin testing Kratom with different harvesting and various drying methods to help establish Shelf Life of the Plant. By doing this, they also were able to produce different strains of Kratom that had varying effects for the end user.

The creators of Kratom soon realized that variables play important roles in how long Kratom powder lasts before going bad. Thanks to modernized agricultural equipment and advanced packaging technologies, we are now able to extend Kratom’s shelf life far beyond the 2-3 weeks it lasted centuries ago.

Phytochemical Stability

Trapped within the cellular walls of Kratom leaves, there are more than 20 unique, identifiable plant alkaloids, also called phytochemicals. The two most important of these—the alkaloids that are principally responsible for Kratom’s positive benefits—are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

No matter how a specific Kratom strain is harvested and processed, its alkaloid profile is always the most potent the moment the plant leaves are removed from the Kratom tree. From that point forward, the alkaloids begin the slow process of breaking down.

Unfortunately, phytochemicals like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine don’t last forever. The natural process of entropy will cause molecular bonds to break and, given enough time, even the best-protected and most carefully packed Kratom powder will lose its efficacy.

There are a few ways Kratom powder potency can be unnecessarily weakened. These include:

  • Exposure to moisture
  • Exposure to prolonged UV radiation (i.e., direct sunlight)
  • Infiltration of mold, mildew, or fungi

Because of how susceptible Kratom powder is to its environment, we take extra steps to use airtight, stay-fresh packaging that is zipper-resealable for freshness. Furthermore, we also process our Kratom capsules and powders in clean rooms with advanced filtration systems.

Extending Kratom Shelf Life

The good news is that there are even more measures that can be taken to help preserve Kratom potency and purity. These measures are meant to combat environmental conditions that can infiltrate Kratom powder and compromise its quality.

To get the longest shelf life from your Kratom powder or capsules, follow these steps:

  1. Store your Kratom in a cool, dry, dark place.
  2. Keep your Kratom in its original packaging.
  3. Use a clean, dry measuring spoon or cup when preparing your serving.
  4. Regularly inspect your Kratom and look for mold, mildew, or inclusions. Kratom powder should be fine, consistent, and uniformly colored.
  5. If your Kratom has a musty, offensive odor, do not use it, and discard it immediately. Fresh Kratom should smell earthy and natural.

If you follow the steps above, your favorite Red Vein, Green Vein, or White Vein Kratom strains and Kratom blends should last for at least 8-12 weeks before they begin losing their potency.

Have a Kratom-related question of your own? Get in touch with us! We’re always happy to help spread the word about tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of every Kratom serving.