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2 Ounce Each Sample Pack. Your Choice of 3, 5 or 7 Different Strains. Includes Enhanced Blends.

Cloud 9 - Energ-Ease, Taste the Rainbow - Jamaican Me Happy - Palomino - The Wizard - Sandman - No Place Like Home - 24 Karat - Willy Wonka - Pink Floyd - Hallelujah - Pearly Gates - Tang - The Phoenix - Gold Digger - Hulu Hoop - Pink Willy - In-U-Indo - Resurrection

White MD             

White Hulu  

White Vietnam

White Kalimantan

White Bota       

White Sulawesi   

White Horn           

White Dragon       

White Thai               

White Aceh         

White Indo               

White Bali

White Riau

White Banjar

White Gold

White Sumatra

Green Sumatra

Green Banjar

Green Bota

Green Borneo

Super Green

Green Baik


Super Green Indo

Green Dragon

Green Hulu

Green Vietnam

Green Ketapang

Green Asia

Green Sunda

Green Kapuas

Green Batak

Green Riau

Green Malay

Green Aceh

Green MD

Red MD

Red Thai

Red Malay

Red Bota

Red Pele

Red Vietnam

Red Bali

Red Banjar

Red Hulu

Red Sumatra

Red Maha

Red Kapuas

Red Dragon


Red Aceh

Red Kali

Red Asia

Red Ketapang

Red Indo

Red Bent.

Red Borneo

Red Banjar

Red Hulu

Red Malay

Red JK

DK Red Eleph.


Y Riau

Y Banjar

Y Vietnam

Y Eleph.

Y Bota


Y Sunda

Y Sumatra

Y Aceh


Gold Kalimantan

Gold Bali

Brown Aceh


Super Brown Indo.

2 Ounce Sample (3,5 or 7 pack)

Sample Pack