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TTB's Signature Custom Blends enhanced to perfection.


Cloud 9 - Greens & Whites

NPLH - Reds, Yellows, Greens, Chocolate

Sandman - Reds

The Wizard -All Whites

Willy Wonka - Chocolate and White

24K - Gold, Yellow and Gold Reserve

Energ-Ease - Reds and Greens

Hallelujah - Reds, Greens, White

Taste The Rainbow - White, Green, Yellow, Red, Chocolate

Jamaican Me Happy - Greens and Yellows

Tang - Reds and Yellows

Palomino - Yellows and Whites

Pink Floyd - Reds and Whites

The Phoenix - Reds, Greens, Yellow

Gold Digger - Golds, Yellow, Brown

** New ** - Pink Willy - A mix of Willy Wonka & Pink Floyd

Hulu Hoop - A mix of White, Green & Red Hulu

In-U-Indo - No Inuendo needed. A blend of White, Green, Red & Brown Indo. 

Resurrection - Blend of Whites, Gold, Greens.