Custom Blends Kratom


Custom Blends Kratom

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Tea Time’s Signature custom blends are a fan favorite. Each Blend can be enhanced or not.

Ingredients: Ingredients: mitragyna speciosa

No Place Like Home – A blend of Reds, Yellows, Greens & Chocolate
Pearly Gates – A Blend of Reds, Greens, & Yellows
Sandman – A Blend of Reds and Chocolate
Cloud 9 – A Blend of Whites, and Greens
The Wizard – A Blend of All Whites
Willy Wonka – A Blend Of Whites and Chocolate
24K – A Blend of Gold and Gold Reserve
Energ-Ease – A Blend of Reds & Greens
Hallelujah – A blend of White, Greens, Reds.
Pearly Gates – A Blend of Reds, Greens, & Yellows
Jamaican Me Happy – A Blend of Greens & Yellows
Nirvana (Tang) – A Blend of Reds & Yellows
Yello’ Darlin (Palomino) – A Blend of Whites & Yellows
Pink Floyd – A Blend of Reds & Whites
The Phoenix – A Blend of Red, Green & Yellow
Gold Digger – A Blend of Gold, Yellow, Brown
Pink Willy – A Combination of Willy Wonka & Pink Floyd
Hulu Hoop – A Blend of White, Red & Green Hulu
Iron Man  –   A blend of Reds, Yellow & Gold                                                                                                                                    Taste the Rainbow – A blend of White, Greens, Reds.                                                                                                                           In-U-Indo – A Blend of White, Green, Red & Brown Indo                                                                                              Resurrection – A Blend of Whites

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No Place Like Home, Pearly Gates, Sandman, Cloud 9, The Wizard, Willy Wonka, 24K, Energ-Ease, Hallelujah, Iron Man, Jamaican Me Happy, Tang (Nirvana), Palomino (Yello Darlin), Pink Floyd, The Phoenix, Gold Digger, Pink Willy, Hulu Hoop, Resurrection, In-U-Indo, Taste the Rainbow, Iron Man


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2 reviews for Custom Blends Kratom

  1. Missy Long (verified owner)

    Sandman is by far my favorite blend. It helps me function during the day in a smaller dose and at night I use a bigger dose and I sleep amazing. My pain is controlled as well as my anxiety!!! This is a must try blend!!!!

  2. Martha Jacquez

    Sandman and chocolate are my favorite go to’s! Wouldn’t change them for the worst! TTB is by far the best vendor!

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