Kratomade Extract ISO-Strip


Kratomade Extract ISO-Strip


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KRATOMade™ iso-strips offer an innovative delivery method with the new industry-leading Mitragynine extract purity.

So what is an iso-strip, you ask?

The “iso” stands for isolation. This refers to the Mitragynine Alkaloid Extract Purity. Our research and development team have pioneered a new process to essentially isolate the Mitragynine Alkaloid.

What’s this mean? High quality Kratom leaf powder contains about 1% Mitragynine alongside many other alkaloids, providing a different experience than Mitragynine extract products (like tinctures, capsules, and of course, KRATOMade™ products). Mitragynine extract products have far less of the other sub-alkaloids found in the Kratom (Mitrogyna speciosa) plant.

The KRATOMade™ iso-strip is truly the new industry-leader in Mitragynine extract purity.

The “strip” is the product form – a thin, rectangular strip that you place on your tongue.

1 KRATOMade™ iso-strip contains 50mg of Mitragynine. Serving size = 1 iso-strip. Do not exceed 2 strips daily.
How to use: Simply place the strip on your tongue. You can allow it to dissolve completely on its own, or let it dissolve partially and drink a bit of water.
Nutritional Information – Serving size per package: 1
Amount Per Serving: % daily value
Mitragynine: 50mg
7-Hydroxmitragynine: 0mg
Ingredients – Standardized Mitragyna Speciosa Extract. Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Pullalan, Glycerin, Maltodextrin, Mannitol, Sucralose, and Natural Flavors.
Available In Berry Mix & Spearmint – These flavors are so robust, so goodbye to the taste of toss n wash. Perfect for on the go.

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