Kilo / 1000 Grams


Kilo / 1000 Grams

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Our Kratea is Harvested for maturity and potency to ensure fresh, high quality products at reasonable prices. All of Our Kratea is tested for safety and potency.

Ingredients: mitragyna speciosa

Kilo of 1 Strain Only. Please select strain from drop down menu below. Blends are included, however, you MUST select “YES” to enhancement.


White MD

White Bota

White Hulu

White Sulawesi

White Kalimantan

White Horn

White Dragon

White Thai

White Aceh

White Indo

White Bali

White Gayo

White Riau

White Banjar

White Gold

White Sumatra

White Vietnam

Green Sumatra

Green Banjar

Green Bota

Green Borneo

Green Gayo

Super Green

Green Kali


Super Indo

Green Dragon

Green Hulu

Green Vietnam

Green Ketapang

Green Asia

Green Sunda

Green Kapuas

Green Batak

Green Riau

Green Malay

Green Aceh

Green MD

Green Baik

Red MD

Red Thai

Red Vietnam

Red Bota

Red Pele

Red Malay

Red Bali

Red Gayo

Red Banjar

Red Hulu

Red Sumatra

Red Kapuas

Red Dragon


Red Aceh

Red Kali

Red Asia

Red Ketapang

Red Indo

Red Bent.

Red Borneo

Red Banjar

Red Hulu

Red Malay

Red JK

DK Red Eleph.

Red Maha

Yellow MD

Yellow Riau

Yellow Gayo

Yellow Banjar

Yellow Vietnam

Yellow Bota

Yellow Elephant

Yellow Jong Kong

Yellow Sunda

Yellow Sumatra

Yellow Aceh


Gold Kalimantan

Gold Bali

Brown Aceh


Super Brown Ind


No Place Like Home – A blend of Reds, Yellows, Greens & Chocolate
Sandman – A Blend of Reds and Chocolate
Cloud 9 – A Blend of Whites, and Greens
The Wizard – A Blend of All Whites
Willy Wonka – A Blend Of Whites and Chocolate
24K – A Blend of Gold and Gold Reserve
Energ-Ease – A Blend of Reds & Greens
Hallelujah – A blend of White, Greens, Reds.
Pearly Gates – A Blend of Reds, Greens, & Yellows
Jamaican Me Happy – A Blend of Greens & Yellows
Nirvana – A Blend of Reds & Yellows
Yello’ Darlin – A Blend of Whites & Yellows
Pink Floyd – A Blend of Reds & Whites
The Phoenix – A Blend of Red, Green & Yellow
Gold Digger – A Blend of Gold, Yellow, Brown
Pink Willy – A Combination of Willy Wonka & Pink Floyd                                                                                                                                                                                              Iron Man – Blend of Reds, Yellow & Gold
Hulu Hoop – A Blend of White, Red & Green Hulu                                                                                                                                                                              Resurrection – A blend of Whites, Green & Gold
In-U-Indo – A Blend of White, Green, Red & Brown                                                                                                                                                                                                   Candy Coated Dreams (NEW) A Blend of chocolate and dark reds

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs

White Maengda, White Sumatra, White Jong Kong, White Vietnam, White Kali, White Dragon, White Horn, White Riau, White Sulawesi, White Thai, White Aceh, White Bali, White Hulu, White Banjar, White Gold, White Indo, White Bota, White Gayo, Green Maeng Da, Green Gayo, Green Malay, Green Riau, Super Green Dragon, Super Green, Green Sumatra, Green Kapuas, Jade, Green Vietnam, Green Batak, Super Indo Kratom, Green Aceh, Green Hulu, Green Kali, Green Borneo, Green Sundra, Green Banjar, Green Asia, Green Ketapang, Green Bota, Green Kali, Green Jong Kong, Red Maengda, Red Bali, Red Thai, Red Jong Kong, Red Sumatra, Red Gold, Red Gayo, Red Kapuas, Fermented Red Aceh, Fermented Red Bent, Fermented Red Hulu, Red Dragon, Red Kali, Red Borneo, Dark Red Elephant, Red Banjar, Red Ketapang, Red Indo, Red Asia, Red Malay, Red Vietnam, Red Pele, Red Bota, Red Maha, Yellow Maengda, Yellow Riau, Yellow Jong Kong, Yellow Elephant, Yellow Sumatra, Yellow Aceh, Yellow Gayo, Yellow Sunda, Yellow Banjar, Yellow Gold, Yellow Vietnam, Yellow Bota, Brown Aceh, Chocolate, Brown, Gold Bali, No Place Like Home, Pearly Gates, SandMan, Cloud 9, The Wizard, Willy Wonka, 24K, Energ-Eaze, Hallelujah, Taste The Rainbow, Jamaican Me Happy, Yellow Darlin, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Pheonix, Gold Digger, Candy Coated Dreams, Resurection, Pink Willy, Hulu Hoop, In-U-Indo, Iron Man


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7 reviews for Kilo / 1000 Grams

  1. trixysiller32 (verified owner)

    Red bent is my absolute must have! This is a staple in my routine as it works so well. I suffer from chronic pain and red bent at night will control my pain and assist with a good night sleep.

  2. MiRanda L Sappington

    Cloud 9 is hands down the best blend I’ve ever had!!! Mood is top notch, energy is top notch! I will never go without this strain in my rotation. It’s a must!

  3. MiRanda L Sappington

    Red bent is my go to for pain!! Nice and relaxing, pain free! And helps tremendously with my RLS!

  4. Phoenix (verified owner)

    I have been ordering from Tea Time exclusively for about 3 years now. I have tried many other suppliers but TTB has the best prices I have found when using the regular sales and the herb is very good quality. I’ve never had a problem of any kind whether with ordering, shipping, receiving or the product itself.

  5. Amanda Grove (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Red Bent, along with Phoenix. Both have been my go-to’s. TTB has the best quality I’ve had, and they run some great sales, too!

  6. Carrie Sewell (verified owner)

    Red Aceh is amazing, for both pain relief and mood. As an opposite, it gives me energy while also helping my pain. If you’re looking for a good solid red, definitely give this one a try

  7. Marie Mauldin Wright

    I ordered the enhanced blend called Candy Coated Dreams
    and it has quickly became my absolute favorite! It calmed me, made me feel relaxed, I take a smaller dose during the day and and a higher dose at night to help me sleep. I’d rate Candy coated dreams and Tea Time Botanicals a TEN STAR if possible! The absolute BEST quality Tea and outstanding customer service! If you haven’t purchased from Tea Time you don’t know what you’ve been missing!

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