500 Grams Kratom


500 Grams Kratom

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Our Kratea is Harvested for maturity and potency to ensure fresh, high quality products at reasonable prices. All of Our Kratea is tested for safety and potency.

Ingredients: mitragyna speciosa




White MD

White Bota

White Hulu

White Sulawesi

White Kalimantan

White Horn

White Dragon

White Thai

White Aceh

White Indo

White Bali

White Riau

White Banjar

White Gold

White Sumatra

White Vietnam

Green Sumatra

Green Banjar

Green Bota

Green Borneo

Super Green


Super Indo

Green Dragon

Green Hulu

Green Vietnam

Green Ketapang

Green Asia

Green Sunda

Green Kapuas

Green Batak

Green Riau

Green Malay

Green Hulk

Green Aceh

Green MD

Green Baik

Red MD

Red Thai

Red Vietnam

Red Bota

Red Pele

Red Malay

Red Bali

Red Hulk

Red Banjar

Red Hulu

Red Sumatra

Red Kapuas

Red Dragon


Red Aceh

Red Kali

Red Asia

Red Ketapang

Red Indo

Red Bent.

Red Borneo

Red Banjar

Red Hulu

Red Malay

Red JK

DK Red Eleph.

Red Maha

Yellow MD

Yellow Riau

Yellow Banjar

Yellow Vietnam

Yellow Bota

Yellow Elephant

Yellow Jong Kong

Yellow Sunda

Yellow Sumatra

Yellow Aceh


Gold Kalimantan

Gold Bali

Brown Aceh


Super Brown Indo

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs

White Maengda, White Bota, White Hulu, White Vietnam, White Gayo, White Sulawesi, White Horn, White Dragon, White Thai, White Aceh, White Indo, White Bali, White Riau, White Banjar, White Gold, White Sumatra, White Kalimantan, Green Sumatra, Green Gayo, Green Bota, Green Borneo, Super Green, Jade, Super Indo, Green Baik, Green Dragon, Green Hulu, Green Vietnam, Green Ketapang, Green Asia, Green Sunda, Green Kapuas, Green Hulk, Green Batak, Green Riau, Green Malay, Green Aceh, Green Kali, Green Maengda, Red Maengda, Red Thai, Red Vietnam, Red Bota, Red Pele, Red Malay, Red Bali, Red Banjar, Red Gayo, Red Hulu, Red Sumatra, Red Kapuas, Red Dragon, Red/Gold, Red Aceh, Red Hulk, Red Kali, Red Asia, Red Ketapang, Red Indo, Red Bent., Red Borneo, Red Banjar, Red Hulu, Red Malay, Red Jong Kong, DK Red Elephant, Red Maha, Yellow MD, Yellow Riau, Yellow Banjar, Yellow Vietnam, Yellow Bota, Yellow Elephant, Yellow Jong Kong, Yellow Gayo, Yellow Sunda, Yellow Sumatra, Yellow Aceh, Yellow/Gold, Gold Kalimantan, Gold Bali, Brown Aceh, Chocolate, Super Brown Indo, NPLH, Sandman, Pearly Gates, Cloud 9, Wizard, Willy Wonka, Energ-eaze, 24k, Hallelujah, Jamaican me Happy, Nirvana, Yello' Darlin, Pink Floyd, Phoenix, Gold Digger, Pink Willy, Hulu Hoop, In-U-Indo, Resurrection, Iron Man, Taste The Rainbow, Resurrection, Candy Coated Dreams


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7 reviews for 500 Grams Kratom

  1. Mary

    What a great strain this is! It kept me calm AND gave me a bit of energy. Will definitely purchase again!

  2. Mary

    I was thrilled that Green Malay was Strain of the Week. It’s a fantastic mellow green that mixes well with reds, whites, and yellows. Perfect if you want to turn an energetic white down a few notches.

  3. Martha Jacquez (verified owner)

    Best K tea I have ordered by far! I have been a loyal customer for about 3 years or more! Keep doing your thing! I have tried pretty much all strains and love them all! Jennifer Rubin George

  4. Martha Jacquez (verified owner)

    Best by far!! Every single strain I have ordered is fire! Keep killing it! Jennifer Rubin George!

  5. Amy Haun (verified owner)

    My son absolutely loves White MD in this size. Its worth every penny for the amount you get. For him, the White MD gives him the energy and motivation he needs with a little bit of pain relief. Win/win!

  6. Bob Thompson (verified owner)

    I have been an active member in the TTB “family” for several years now. There are other reputable online merchants for tea, and I occasionally do purchase from them as well as visit their social media groups.

    As a retired retail manager I know, company products can be basically the same with maybe differences in price. I was taught by the Corporation I worked for that a price shopper alone is not a loyal customer, they’ll go where the price is best. BUT if a company helps you with a problem, to solve a situation, those are companies customers will stay loyal to.

    TTB is that company for me. Someone on staff is always available if help is required. They, Miranda Sappington at the head of the list has helped me with various normal situations to assist myself in my orders.

    In their FB group questions are answered without arm twisting, which was appreciated when I was a noob, when I was switching from buying locally to buying strictly online.

    TTB has a nice variety of products, and are open to suggestions to flesh out their inventory.

    Come join the family. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. Marie Mauldin Wright

    Red bota has became another absolute fav! I rate it a 10 on pain, 10 on relaxation, but also if I take a couple spoons less per dose during the day it’s an excellent day time red also. I highly recommend red bota. It’s definitely a 10 star strain!

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