Snapz CBD Cigarettes – Multi Flavors


Snapz CBD Cigarettes – Multi Flavors


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SNAPZ is a fast-growing CBD brand known for its organic, California-grown hemp CBD cigarettes. These hemp CBD cigarettes feature innovative dual-flavor capsule filters which deliver superior flavor and provide on-demand flavor options for users. To ensure the highest level of quality and safety, SNAPZ hemp CBD cigarettes undergo microbial testing through the manufacturing process. As your trusted source for high-quality CBD products, we are proud to offer SNAPZ CBD cigarettes and are committed to your satisfaction. 

Enjoy superior quality and premium flavor with Snapz Hemp CBD Cigarettes.

Snapz CBD Cigarettes are made with organic, California-grown hemp flower and feature superior dual-flavor capsule filters that allow allow users to choose from 3 flavor options per cigarette.

Example:  Strawberry Menthol,Grape Menthol and Orang Menthol, or Strawberry Menthol.

With 50mg of full spectrum CBD in every cigarette, Snapz CBD Cigarettes deliver an unparelled smoking experience.

  • CBD Strength: 500mg per pack / 50mg per cigarette
  • Product Quantity: 10-count
  • Organic Hemp Flower Blend
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Superior Dual-Flavor Capability
  • Organic Hemp Flower and Trim

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Strawberry Menthol, Grape Menthol, Orange Menthol, Blueberry Menthol, Lemon Menthol